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weighted GPA: 3.98

Acceptance offer: May 13th 8:51 AM

Activities: Hospital volunteering, two years of Research with many international and national poster publications, NSERC, Tutoring, numerous academic scholarships, President of University Clubs, and other meaningful hobbies


I recently got into another school and am debating between the two. But I will most probably be declining my Ottawa Offer.


You had to respond to your offer by the 27th of May, are you sure there is still a seat reserved for you? :confused:

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I don't know of anyone being accepted recently. But, I emailed the admission office last week and they said the waitlist is "still moving", however, they could not comment on how much more/longer it will move.


They have been saying that for the past two weeks, and there has been no mvt on here or the fb group... :/

It seems that the last gpa she stopped out was 3.97 for interview score of 3.0 ...

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Because the class may not be full?


There's also no use using PM101 and FB movement as a way to see if the wait list is still moving. I know people who aren't on the Facebook group who accepted and people who aren't on PM101 and have yet to join the FB group.


Yes, but a friend of mine and myself are very close to the 3.97 gpa, and we have still haven't heard anything since the 13th of June...

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When they responded saying the class was not full, it could mean that they have finished sending out offers and are waiting for people to send in their signed acceptance form (which could take a week or so after they send the offer).


I would imagine that anyone receiving an offer this late would accept immediately bc the chances of getting in off of another list this late as well is slim to none, so the class should be full and finalized soon.


Last year people received their confirmation/student numbers on July 18th. They probably filled the class a week or two before that and had to process everything/set up the student accounts before actually notifying students on the 18th.

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