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If I get waitlisted everywhere, what does this mean?

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Generally each school has their own method of calculating acceptance rank, involving all of GPA, ECs, MCAT, and Interview (unless specifically mentioned that they do x% weighting, or only consider interview). In my humble opinion it would not necessarily be just your interview, but if you did feel you felt consistently poor in your interviews it may be. I'd take it as a critique of your whole application on average, and try to improve next cycle (though hopefully you'll get in this one) on multiple fronts.

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If I get waitlisted everywhere I interviewed (3 schools), what does this mean? Does this mean my interview went poorly? Is it my interview that I need to improve on?


without knowing which med scools, I would say yes it's your interview skills. the good news is you can expect a similar number of interviews next year, so practice lots.


this is assuming you don't get off the waitlist! gl

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