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Compilation of Ontario Acceptance/Waitlist/Regrets info!!

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Soooo I was bored and waiting to hear back from Western is killing me, so I did some hard core lurking and compiled all this info from the official accept/waitlist/decline threads at the ontario schools, thought you guys might like to know :)



37 posts

0 regrets

6 on the normal waitlist (3 accepting elsewhere, 1 undecided, 2 still waiting)

4 on the high waitlist (3 accepting elsewhere, 1 still waiting)

27 accepted (13 attending, 3 undecided, 11 declined)


U of T

53 posts

13 regrets

3 on the waitlist (2 accepting elsewhere, 1 undecided)

37 accepted (28 attending, 3 undecided, 6 declined)



48 posts

7 regrets

20 on the waitlist (11 accepting elsewhere, 3 undecided, 6 still waiting)

4 accepted from waitlist (3 attending, 1 undecided)

17 accepted (9 attending, 4 undecided, 4 declined)



55 posts

11 regrets

10 on the waitlist (4 accepting elsewhere, 1 undecided, 5 still waiting)

12 accepted from the waitlist (10 attending, 1 undecided, 1 declined)

22 accepted (12 attending, 3 undecided, 7 declined)



41 posts

4 regrets

3 on the bad waitlist (2 attending elsewhere, 1 undecided)

1 on unspecified waitlist (attending elsewhere)

13 on good waitlist (4 attending elsewhere, 1 undecided, 8 still waiting)

1 accepted from the waitlist (attending)

19 accepted (12 attending, 3 undecided, 4 declining)



17 posts

6 regrets

3 on the waitlist (3 still waiting)

3 accepted from the waitlist (3 attending)

5 accepted (4 attending, 1 declining)



Obviously you need to take this with a grain of salt. People are much more likely to post happy acceptance posts than regrets. The info was gained only from official acceptance/waitlist/regrets threads or personal flair, I didn't venture into the informal ones. It's also a few hours old so if people have been accepted off the waitlist today it's probably not represented here. Attending means the user specified either in one of their official posts or in their flair that they will be attending that particular school. Undecided means they said they were undecided or received multiple acceptances and didn't specify which they were going to accept. Declined means they said they were declining or specifically said they were attending another school in another post or their flair. Still waiting means the user does not have any acceptances so far, but possibly other waitlist positions.


Thanks to everyone who posted their info, it really helps anxious waitlisters like me!! :)

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