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Is doing a one-year Masters worse than doing a two-year Masters (for the purposes of medical school)?


Pretty sure it doesn't matter because lots of people get in after one- or two-year programs. Just make sure you make that year worth while (getting pubs, good references, possibly practicum in course-based masters, etc.).


My suggestion is dont do a master's if you want to do med, especially if you're doing it for the sake of killing some time. If you like whatever your masters is on, then go ahead.

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^ I don't know about that. A masters isn't really just killing time, even if med is all you are truly interested in.


More research experience will only help when you are looking into research projects later (you will know your interests, your abilities, the process, etc.)


Perhaps more importantly, physicians with research experience is becoming of greater value these days. Research experience (and a masters) will look good for your CaRMs matching, and again for your actual job acquisition.


(This is coming from someone who did not do a masters).


To answer the question directly though: no, I don't think a one year masters is any worse. And I agree with doctaK: just try to make the most of your time!

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