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Hey gang,


This is another one of those, tell me which program is better threads. I am trying to decide between which of these is a better program which will dictate which elective I cancel and which I keep.


I know Ottawa is probably a nicer place to live...


It would be AWESOME if any of you are gen surg residents from either program that can comment.


Thanks peeps, L

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Not a gen surg resident at either place, but I did Gen Surg electives at both places, albeit in the subspecialties, so at the "smaller" sites: Hepatobiliary at Ottawa (General campus) and Colorectal at Mac (Juravinski).


I really liked my hepatobiliary rotation. I thought they did excellent teaching, both at bedside, in clinic and OR (to residents and clerks). Their resident teaching was v. good, and esp. for their Royal College Prep. I certainly have heard about Ottawa's accreditation issues for their NSx, but not their Gen Surg so I can't comment on that. In no way, coming out of that rotation, did I feel it was a weak program. And yes, Ottawa definitely only interviews you if you've done an elective there.


I did not enjoy my colorectal rotation as much...whether or not being at Juravinski is an appropriate estimation of their entire program, I don't know. I found the teaching in clinic pretty good depending on preceptor, but I thought OR teaching was extremely poor, and I was quite amazed at how little I saw the surgeons letting even their senior residents do. I know it's a strong program based on what everyone else says, but I wasn't personally impressed.



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