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Online Universities For Pre-Req Courses?

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As a very non-traditional applicant, I finished my undergrad in China... which makes me under a lot of pressure to study almost all the pre-req again (I have studied all of them but they are not recognized by UBC). 


However, I am considering to take online university courses for pre-req, does anyone have experiences to share? I would appreciate if you can share:


1. For me, as I have already studied them (8 years ago).. now what I really want is a good pre-req GPA, is there any programs easier to get A/A+ if I put enough time & study hard? 

2. TRU or Athabasca Univ?


Also, if you are going to take the pre-req online courses / MCAT in Vancouver, let us form a study group! :) PM or leave a message below if you are interested.





And thanks for reading this thread, I would like to share with you that according to a very reliable source, in selection process, pre-req score plays a very important part, applicants with high gpa but very low pre-req average will look quite bad from committee's perspective. (usually that happens to students who did bad in their first year)

- Hence, let's study together to boost up the pre-req GPA.

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I took some distance education courses from University of Waterloo and was really impressed (I haven't taken any other DE courses from anywhere else though, so can't compare them). The only issue is that if you need labs, you would have to be on campus to complete them as you can't take the labs via DE with Waterloo. Athabasca and TRU DE courses have lab components.


One of the things that I liked about Waterloo is that the courses were scheduled in the regular semesters (September-December and January-April). I know that University of Calgary is a stickler for this. Waterloo also provided weekly lectures and assignments were due on specific dates, so it was a lot harder to procrastinate. 


I hope that helps! 

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