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Bumping this thread, also interested in the topic. Can the Ontario med schools just change to whichever MCAT they desire whenever they want? Will 2014 MCATs and earlier still be considered next application cycle (Sept 2015)? Thanks!


well they can, but that would be a bit extreme. I mean they can change anything at any time really and in particular the July 2015 rules for the following year can state some changes.


However I really doubt they will at this point - they would exclude a lot of very good candidates with very little warning for a test that they themselves don't yet know how to really use perfectly. Not much point for them to do that. The only places that are only using the 2015 version have been open about that for at least a year (which is reasonably fair I think).


Now after next year I think that is a different story - one reason to switch is harder to compare people with two versions - and when the old test holder numbers drop then it will logical to consider retiring things.

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