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Language To Describe Naqs/employment

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The impression I've got is that admissions committee members who read over the files do have backgrounds in science and usually hold master's degrees or PhDs in some science-related field. I don't know if they're responsible for whole files (i.e., the NAQ section), though... I've only met a couple of former-adcom members from UBC Med, but one was involved in immunology and pathology, another in genetics. 


I know the help guide asks for a "clear, specific description of the context, duties, and people involved" in your activity, but make sure you're not losing the big picture or overall importance of the activity in the finer details (i.e., complex technicalities)! :)

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All right thanks.  This 350 character limit is killing me. 


i.e. trying to dumb it down as much as possible might be making it to general.


- Performed self directed research research as a synthetic chemist.  Independently designed, ran, and analyzed experiments.
- Developed a high yielding procedure for the preparation of XXX, a novel XXX mimic.
- Trusted to handle hazardous reagents, sensitive equipment, and produce publishable results.

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