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Vitals Wellness Project - Welcome 2018S

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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Schulich Medicine, it is going to be quite the journey. As you pursue the knowledge to treat patients and promote wellness, keep in mind that watching out for your own health will be just as important. This means not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. Medical school can be very demanding and it doesn’t help that life’s other challenges keep plodding along at their usual pace.


Western Vitals is a resource developed by students at Schulich Medicine to help promote mental health and wellness among our fellow classmates. We seek to provide essential information on Life Matters, School Matters, Wellness Matters, and Crisis Matters directly on an easy-to-navigate webpage, and for topics that need more complete or professional intervention we provide links and contact information to ensure those resources are there at your fingertips.


When you have a moment between setting up new homes and meeting new colleagues, please take some time to look through the Vitals website (http://westernvitals.ca) to see how Vitals may be able to help you, now or in the future. Enjoy your introduction to medicine, enjoy the years ahead, and make sure to always Check Your Vitals.


Your Vitals Team



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