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I'm an OOP with GPA of 3.84 and I feel I don't qualify for McGill. Is it worth applying to? I have MCAT of 31.




The cutoff for OOP last year was 3.92 told by my friend. But I think it also depends on your CVPN though...not sure. By all means, apply! You still have a chance, but none if you don't apply...

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I am in the process of applying to McGill as an OOP as well. It is an uphill battle for all of us (10 spots for 942 applicants) so I tend to think of this as a learning opportunity. Dont think about the odds :)


It is not too time consuming to file the application and fill in your grades. The only time-consuming part is your CVPN. Even then, writing the application is a chance to re-evaluate my wish to be in medicine. It is a healthy practice to write the Personal narratives as you get to know about yourself and why you want to spend all this time to fight for the slimmest chance possible to be in medicine :)


Hope this inspire you a bit

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