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Hi, Everyone,


I'm about to submit my application to Manitoba, I have several referees already wrote reference letters for me for this cycle to other MD schools. Which 3 should I choose for Manitoba?


1. A family friend of my parents, who knew me before I was born, who is a MD in USA and will write me a VERY good letter.


2. A TaeKwonDo assistant instructor will write me a VERY good letter who I learned TaeKwonDo in my university for 2 years, twice a week, 2 hours each course.


3. A hospital volunteering services administrator,I think will write me a good letter, where I volunteered for a year, 2 hours each week.


4. A Ph.D. candidate and an instructor of my social study course for a semester with A- and will write me a VERY good letter.


5. A biology professor and associate dean of department who I have a semester course with A, will write a good letter, I think.


6. A biochemistry professor who I have a semester course with A+, will write a good letter, I think. 


7. A horse farm manager, where I worked last summer, two days each week, will write me a good letter, I think.


Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.

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For starters, do not consider no. 1, the family friend, as what he will write will be discounted due toothy close family relationship.


I like 2, 3, 5 & 6, however, I recommend that you approach each personally requesting a strong LOR and watch their body language in addition to listening to their words. Whomever you select, I would give my transcript, CV, and a motivational letter explaining your path toward medicine. You want a strong writer who shall advocate for you. You do. To want a generic letter. Generally speaking, a professor can speak with a greater authority in the sense that they write that out of a pool of 1,000 students, they rate you in the top 5%, whereas the others have a much tinier pool against which to judge you. Good luck!

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Keep in mind that how the letters are received are not just based on the content in the letters but also how well they are written. If the letters you think you will be very good (2 and 4) are such because of both of these things then I'd easily pick them. As above, #1 is the exception here because he's just a family friend and hasn't known you in any professional capacity. Therefore he would not be able to produce very good content.

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I believe the two year is just a suggestion and not an absolute prerequisite for the Referees.  I would also advise against # 1, unless you have had a relationship with him in a professional capacity that can be outlined in the letter (other than him just knowing you because he is a family friend of your parents). 


I would personally go with 2,3 & 4 and back up with 7, 6 depending on any negative body language you perceive. 

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Also, another thing to keep in mind. The reference form the Referees had to complete was openly posted last year so I feel that i can divulge this information.


The kind of things your Referees will have to comment on include your: empathy, compassion, dedication, approach to learning, integrity, honesty, reliability, respect for others, ability to accept criticism, ability to recognize limits, conflict resolution, stress management, and leadership. 


So keep in my mind out of the list above who best could comment on these items. Obviously not every person is going to able to comment on each one, but someone who can comment on several of the qualities stated above. 

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