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First Rejection...


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From Georgetown...


I was telling someone the other day that I'd rather hear a real rejection that a silent "hold-forever" rejection...well I guess my wish came true...I'm kind of having a strange feeling right now...I think the depression will start sinking in tomorrow.


Does anyone know if Georgetown is one of those Canadian-friendly schools or Canadian-international schools? Also how do you guys deal with rejections?

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No idea about Georgetown.

Rejection hurts, especially when you were hopeful (with good reason). It will hurt a bit but then make sure it simply makes you stronger once you're back to normal.


Been there, done that, got in on my 2nd attempt, so yeah it does hurt. Just make sure you get back to a normal state as quick as you ca.


Develop a thick skin, keep being positive. Keep on going, because life keeps on going, with you or without you.

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