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Does Mcgill Value Grad Work / Research?


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hey guys

First post on here, looking for guidance.

I'm a Quebec resident, so McGill is arguably my best shot for med in Canada.

My undergrad degree is from the States (top 20 non-Ivy) and I also hold a PhD from the States (HYPS)... both in biochem.  MCAT is 35 (12,11,12)

But here's the issue... undergrad GPA is 3.62...  despite a strong upward trend (3.85 last two years).

My PhD was quite productive with ~10 papers, 6 as first author.

Do you know if McGill values research to a significant degree, or at least enough to offset a lower GPA?

Does the "prestige" of one's institution factor in at any point in McGill's evaluation process? Any consideration given to GPA trends?

Finally, is there anywhere else in Canada I should even consider at with a sub-3.7 uGPA?



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More power to McGill for looking at applications holistically.  I will definitely apply.

I hear you regarding the french schools... I won't even bother.   My chances are literally better at Harvard and Yale than Sherbrooke and Laval. The strenghts of my application (MCAT, research, institutional reputation) do not matter the least bit with the french schools, and my 3.6 uGPA will likely get me screened out.

It would be pretty hilarious to get into a top-10 school in the US and rejected pre-interview from ULaval.

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