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Hey guys


I am planning on writing my MCAT in january this year, during one of the last available time slots. 


As the title says I have written the test 2 times but cant seem to beat the 29 mark, (10/8/10) first time, (10/910) second time. (PS/VR/BS)


Any advice on how you studdied for your MCAT to get that 32+ score? 
I am really striving for a 11/11/12 this time around, any advice? 




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I'd definitely recommend dedicating a lot of time to verbal. Although you're the only one who would know if this applies to you, I find that a lot of people study the material on the science sections a lot and have that down pat but still don't do as well as they expected. The usual reason for this is not spending enough time on verbal, because the strategies you practice there have a lot of carry-over to the science sections. Do you have a verbal strategy that you use? I'd recommend the Examkrackers strategy. 


Also, make sure you're doing a lot of full-length practice tests, and shorter practice sessions. You need to be able to recognize the way the MCAT asks things, and the way they trick you. 

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