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Omsas Not Updating Reference Letter?

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My reference writer told me she got confirmation that her reference was received. However, when I log onto my OMSAS account it says that my letters are all outstanding. One of my other references assured me that the letter would arrive on time, meaning Oct 1st. Tomorrow is the "deadline", I understand that letters can be received later as well. 


Could OMSAS just not be updating? 

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Receipt of Documents

OMSAS is currently receiving a high volume of mail. We cannot advise on the status of documents received at this time.

We expect to be up-to-date by October 15.

^ From OUAC website


One of my referees had to Xpresspost it to OMSAS last week bc it was so late. It should be there by now but I think bc OMSAS is having such a high volume they could be delayed in actually updating the status of letters even if they've arrived.


Maybe call and ask?

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