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 Just a quick GPA question: If you have more than a full course load, do med schools only count the 5 courses a term, or do they consider all courses? In my case, I go to UWaterloo ( first year rookie :cool: ), and the way it works here is that courses are 0.5 credits, and labs are 0.25 credits. A full course load would be 5 courses so 2.5 credits a term, but I have 3 credits a term due to having 2 labs this term. So would the med schools use only the 5 courses in the calculations, or also include labs. Thanks  :D

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Hello everyone,


From my understanding NOSM adds extra points to gPa for graduate courses. Is it then possible to have over a 4.0 gpa if my gpa is already 3.85? Or am I misunderstanding something?


good question :) I don't think they address that situation anywhere. Either way of course you end up with an awesome gpa.

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