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Interview Invites Are Soon!

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Okay, shouldn't have moped. I just got an invite!!!!!!!!!!!   Going to go dance around campus now.

Hi MUN applicants!   I'm assuming, based on last year, that interview invites may start coming out this week (Friday at the earliest, I'd think) and will continue through next week at least. MUN's w

The OOP wait list is about 10-15, and they usually go through the whole thing, so it's bit better than 5 seats, if that helps.  My best advice for interviews, the MMI in particular, is prepare.  Pract

Being frustrated at not receiving an interview is no excuse for displaying a poor attitude by discounting the admission process (highly competitive) as a "waste of money". There are MANY successful medical students and physicians who applied many times. It is important to remember that the competition changes each year depending on the applicant pool. The same application that received a interview last year may not be considered competitive this year. If medicine is your passion and dream, just keep trying. Improve yourself. Don't put life on hold, but don't give up either. I empathize with all of those who did not receive an invite this year, I've been there twice before. Keep your head up and just try again. Just realize that a shitty attitude won't get you anywhere. Not to mention it doesn't scream professional.

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