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Reading Comp - American Vs Canadian Dat


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Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody is familiar with the differences between the Reading Comprehension sections for the American VS Canadian DAT.

I am studying for the Canadian DAT right now, but as you probably know, reading comprehension resources specific to the Canadian DAT are very limited (I only know of IQ?).

I have a lot of improving to do for this section, so I want to use some American resources to study, but I wonder if I would be wasting my time given the differences between the American and Canadian tests.

So the main difference probably is that the American reading comp is 60 minutes long while the Canadian one is 50 minutes long (right?). Are passage lengths different too, to make up for the time difference?

Can anyone comment on the relative difficulty of the American VS Canadian reading comp tests?


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I wrote the Canadian DAT but used some Amercian DAT practise tests in RC. I've heard that the American DAT gives you 10 extra minutes since it's on a screen and the Canadian DAT is on paper...I guess it's easier to read and recall a spot on paper than on a screen which is being scrolled around. One of my RC resources was DAT bootcamp which I found helpful, even though I had the 60 minutes and the Canadian DAT only has 50 minutes. I felt equally rushed on both so if you're practising with the American 60 for the Canadian 50 you'll be fine.  

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