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Any Kinesiology Or Biology Major? Need Help!


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Hey fellow pre-meds!

So i'm stuck here in the fork road to chose between kinesiology(general) and biological sciences(general) as my Major. Could anyone give me a comparison between the two?


So here's the thing, biological sciences really intrigues me but recently I found out about kine in which you just study about the human body! Doing that would be really fun but what do you think about kine?


I really need to take care that the major I choose ensures I'll get a good GPA, i.e I want to take the easier course where getting A's has a better chance.


So anyone with kinesiology or biology major would you please help me? 


Also a few more questions to the kine and bio majors,

What subjects do you study in your first and second year?
Are there any common subjects with the Bsc and Bkin degrees?

What was your GPA and how hard did you have to work on it?

Would you recommend me taking me your major?


Please share your thoughts! 

Even your tinniest answers would be really helpful for me!


Thanks in Advanced.

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Background: I changed my major every year of university: chem hounour -> physiology specialization -> general biosci -> finance -> operations mgmt


Not sure which schools you're looking into but from my experience you'll likely take VERY similar classes the first couple years: chem, ochem, bio, biochem, that kinda crap.


Most of your questions are really subjective so I'll give you a no-bullshit answer: you'll get a higher gpa in the one you like the most, plain and simple. both majors are going to be competitive (think about it, everyone in them wants to do either med or grad school.), so you're better off choosing one you won't mind studying for as much.


Protip: the reason I jumped around in sciences my first few years was because I found the first two programs VERY restricted. I think this is SUPER important when deciding which to do. If your passion is bio, then power to you, go to town on that bad boy. But I wanted to take random classes that seemed interesting (violent weather, mathematics of riddles, etc.) and I couldn't do that in those specific degrees. So if I were you I'd check their degree requirements to see if one allows more options, exchange credit, etc. It sucks serious butthole having to take required classes when you don't like them, so spend some time figuring out which one gives you the most freedom, if you're into that kinda thing #'murica.

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