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Hey everyone! 


I was just wondering what one would be expected to know for the CASPer.


For example would we be expected to know specific cultural beliefs which would relate to ethical treatment?


Also what is the breakdown of the questions? 


Are the questions many medical situations? or ethical situations in general? 


and lastly any suggestions to prepare?



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did it last year. they don't ask any questions that may discriminate against certain groups i.e. won't ask any questions that would require you to be familiar with any jewish beliefs as that may be biased against catholics/muslims/atheists/etc. On this note, they wouldn't ask you anything specific pertaining to medicine. you're not a doctor, you are expected to know this stuff.


From what i remember it was very similar to an mmi. you are given either a short video clip or a situational paragraph to read. from there they give you a few questions with similar themes: what would you do? what makes this conflict complex? what argument could be made in favour of opinion X?


As for preparation, I read 1/3 of doing right, had lots of friends who read the whole thing and the consensus was that it makes you more aware of how complex a situation can be, but nothing specific that gives you an edge over anyone else.  For example, the book gives great examples that explore various parties that you may not immediately consider relevant but are arguably very involved.


Pro tip: warm up your hands. sounds dumb, but last year i did the casper in a cold room and it got super frustrating that i kept mistyping because my fingers were losing dexterity due to cold. At the halfway point i ran my hands under hot water and put on gloves #prairieproblems.


I would also suggest reading all the questions before you start on the first one. I ran into the situation a couple times last year where I thought I was answering a question, only to realize that I was answering the next question and didn't read properly. Normally I'd say big effing deal, copy and paste, homeboi. Alas, copy/paste functions are disabled in the new casper platform.

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