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Interview Invites And Time In Between

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it has been variable - so exception abound - but for most say anytime after mid Jan invites start to come out. There usually is at least a few weeks prior to the interview date depending on the school.


TO has rolling invites so they can come out variably through the winter. Some schools let you book your date to a degree - or at least give you a chance to do that - so you can have a lot longer if you get selected for a later interview date (Western for instance roughly has a early march and end of march interview dates historically).


It is a personal thing but I wouldn't recommend waiting until you get an interview to do some mild preparation if that is why you are asking :)

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I got my interview emails on the following days:

University of Toronto: January 13th

McMaster: January 24th

Queen's and Ottawa: January 31st.


My interviews for the following schools were:

University of Toronto: January 25th

McMaster: March 23rd

Queen's: March 1st

Ottawa: March 4th


Out of the following interviews, I was only able to select my date for Queen's. I did not start preparing until I got my interview for UofT, which was pretty stressful since I didn't take I would have an interview in January. That being said, it all worked out, so even with minimal preparation, you can still get accepted!

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