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Gim: Ctu Vs. Consult Elective

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GIM electives are seen as a positive thing I believe. Can't comment if CTU > than GIMCS or vice versa.

In my opinion, CTUs are usually more demanding in terms of hours ( I remember being there at 7:15 and leaving at 18:00-19:00 everyday Monday to Friday + 2 week ends calls 8am-8pm.) and in terms or workload.

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It is essential that you do at least one CTU elective because while you may choose various consult services as electives during residency, CTU is required for every resident (8-10 blocks). Doing a CTU elective and getting a good reference letter really demonstrates your strong work ethics, management skills, and teamwork skills. GIM staff wants to see that you are a dependable and capable resident on call, as well as managing the team on a daily basis (these are basic competencies for all GIM residents).


Having said that, when you book a CTU elective, it is advised you book for at least 3 weeks. This is because some CTU staff only work 2 weeks at a time and before booking the elective it is unlikely for you to know the schedule of staff on service. If you book a 2 week elective and happen to be working with 2 staffs (one week each), you are unlikely to get a strong letter, as compared to a 3 week elective where you work for 2 weeks at least with one staff.


When booking a consult service elective, you most likely work with one staff only, and therefore a 2 week elective should be sufficient.

Was wondering if people could share their thoughts of doing a CTU versus a consult service as a GIM service. And of course how this ways in during CaRMS and as a representative of Internal Medicine residency. Thx in advance.

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