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Hi everyone,


I'm now almost done with filling the academic workbook for my MDCM application.


I'm just wondering if in section 4 (prerequisites) we have to state all of our grades and if those grades are considered in my Mcgill equivalent GPA?


Do I have chances with a 3,77 ''mcgill equivalent'' GPA?


Thank you


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I stated those grades and also the converted grades in McGill system as well!!


Dont worry about the Pre-req GPA, they dont impact you in the interview decision! :) Once you have an interview, then work hard on your MMI since they worth 4x more than the Pre-req GPA :)


Good luck to us all!


Thanks! Good luck to you too! 


Do you mean 3.77 overall GPA? Because that the value automatically calculated by the workbook.

How competitive that is depends largely on your applicant category. If you're IP, then I'd say indeed it's competitive; if you're OOP, then probably not so much.


Yes it's my overall GPA and I'm IP, so I guess it's competitive but there's no ''minimum''?

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