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AMCAS for repeat applicants

Guest Optima2006

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Guest Optima2006

Hi there,


I have a question about AMCAS application for repeat applicants. I applied last year for 2006 entering class and my application is still 'current'. However, I didn't get in this year. I wanted to start with a new application for the 2007 entering class and apply to different schools.


The problems is: everytime I start with a new account, it brings me back to my old one and in the old application, the system doesn't let me modify any of the information. I understand that I have to keep the same AAMC ID for AMCAS and MCAT, however, this same user ID should allow me to start more than one application (i.e. if I didn't get in and want to apply again).

Any of the repeat applicants: do you guys have any advice?


Thanks in advance,



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