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Mcgill Internal Medicine Review?


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Hi All,


For IM residents at McgIll, would you please provide some insights into the program's strengths? I am specifically wondering what the night float system is, what the on call frequency is and whether you do any cross-coverage call to cover CTU when youre on subspecialty electives/selectives? Also what is their take on resident wellness?


I have come to realize I love IM more than anything in medicine but certainly not enough to to sacrifice my life outside medicine in the process and go insane. The low satisfaction scores and stories of regrets from some current residents and attending worry me a little 







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Got the passion for IM during my first ICM (intro to clinical medicine) rotation. Then I confirmed it during clerkship.

Senior IM residents do some parachuting for week-end calls. I don't think R1 cover the CTUs when rotating in other subspecialties/specialties.

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