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Mcgill Cv Question

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Hey guys


I'm wondering if anybody is doing the McGill application or has done the application before and could help me with a couple of things on the CV part of it.


For the "Extracurricular Activities" section, what are you supposed to write exactly for the description? I can't decide whether it should be a quick summary of what you did/are doing or just your position/title? I don't want to overload this part with too much text. If anyone has any idea then please let me know!


Second, for the "Skills and Languages" section, does anybody have any idea what kind of skills could be included in this section? I have written down all my languages, but I'm not exactly sure what the skills could be.. Microsoft word? Lol Adobe photoshop? 


Anyone have any ideas let me know! 


Thanks and all the best



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For the Extracurricular Activities section, I just wrote what I did (on average about 2-3 lines of text). For the Skills and Languages section, I put a language and basic skills like communication, computer, etc. In the text I explained what life experiences have developed those skills. Hope that helps! 

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