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Hi StriveP,


Try e-mailing the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and asking them. I had similar concerns about some courses I took at another University and was told what transferred and what didn't.


Alright I will do that, thank-you.

I called them earlier this summer and I remember the person told me as long as its a course offered by the english department it should be okay, but now hearing horrors stories that sometimes it doesn't transfer. But I will definitely check with them, thank-you.

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Hi I am also at the UofC looking into dentistry at UofA. 

I recently emailed the admissions office for UofA Dental School about if some of my classes would be eligible to meet the pre-reqs, but all I got was a generic "we don't do preliminary course evaluations" response. They said to look at the course description of their UofA courses and try to complete a course with the same course description.


If you get any more info, could you please share??

 We're not allowed to talk about that email since its confidential. But I got a similar response to yours and I would recommend you remove your message and reread that email at the bottom where they state you are not allowed to share that info with anyone.  


And yea it sucks they don't disclose which courses are acceptable. I just took a random English course that interested me and i'm hoping they accept it.

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