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3.6cGPA; 36O MCAT...

Guest WhiteTiger

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Guest WhiteTiger

Hello all,

I'm wonder what my chances are at top-tier and second-tier US schools with the following statistics:


cGPA: ~3.6



--Saint John Ambulance (2 years)

--Healthcare Administration Officer in Canadian Armed Forces reserves (1 year)

--Hospital volunteering (1 summer)

--VP Communications for student society (one year).


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Guest winter

There's a couple places to look. The first is definitely the book: Medical School Admission Requirements, which is published by the AAMC. It has admission averages, cutoffs (if applicable) and course pre-requisites for all the US schools.


The second is the website http://www.mdapplicants.com. The stats on the website are all self-reported by applicants, but it gives you an idea of who's getting interviews and acceptances.


Hope this helps!

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