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secondaries et al.

Guest redbluegreen2006

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Guest redbluegreen2006

I have a question regarding the secondaries.

How quickly do you get them usually upon submitting your application?


Also is there a deadline to have them returned by?


What usually is the time allocated for returning of secondaries?


Also am not very familiar with AMCAS but is it possible to add more schools after you have submitted your list of school choices? ie if I choose some schools for now and then maybe after I am done my august MCAT if I do realize I have opportunites with others at that point am I allowed to add more schools after seeing my scores ?




*am applying this coming academic cycle and redoing my MCATs in August*

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Guest Madz25

I received secondaries from some schools immediately after submitting my AMCAS application. Other schools took longer (it can take up to a few weeks).


Some schools give you a deadline for the secondary application based on when they receive your AMCAS application (~2 weeks to a month). Most schools have general deadlines for secondaries that are usually in Dec/Jan.


I'm pretty sure you can add more schools to your AMCAS application later on but don't take my word on it.



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