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Hi guys,


Im wondering after the process of submitting our referees on the ORPAS online application. I know most if not all of the Ontario PT schools are only looking for two referees/references but I have a dilemma.

I currently have three referees:

#1) academic

#2) professional

#3)practical (someone from a health care setting such as a physiotherapist, or  someone who supervised your work with people who have special needs)


I am applying for Queens MScPT, which requires one academic and one 'practical'  reference ( so want to use reference #1and #3).

But then im also applying for UofT PT, which requires one academic and one professional reference ( want to use #1 and #2). 


My question is can I submit/register all three of my referees on the ORPAS application,and then have the option to choose which two of the three act as my referees for each school? Or does ORPAS not give this option and I have to narrow them down to registering only two, and those two are sent to all of the schools?


Hopefully this question makes sense and thanks to everyone in advance! 


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As per the ORPAS handbook for Queen's, "the second assessment may be completed by someone who can judge your performance and interpersonal skills from a non‑academic perspective (i.e., a health care professional, coordinator of volunteer services)." I don't think you have the option of choosing which reference goes where, so I would choose what ever one you think would be stronger (the professional or practical). I'd probably do the practical one if I were you.


EDIT: The practical reference would satisfy the professional requirement for Toronto's program as well.

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