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My Personal Mcat Study Guide For Sale (Ucsf Med Student)


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Hi all!


I'm a first year Med student at UCSF. I graduated from UW and was in the 96th percentile for the MCAT with a 36.

I've spent a ton of time compiling my notes, and study materials into exactly what you need to know to Kick some Butt at the exams.


You'll get up to a 40% preview of the materials on this site. They also just hooked me up with a special discount code code in honor of the US Thanksgiving. Use code "HAPPY15" to get 15% off when you're buying the materials.


Honestly I'm a super diligent student and can even be a bit OCD with my notes. I get tons of "Thank Yous" from people who buy my notes, so hopefully they can be helpful for you too.


Goodluck future Med students!!!



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