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State Schools & Canadians

Guest joshto

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They're the public schools. Ohio State for example used to accept Canadians (I interviewed there) but don't anymore. Other state schools like Wayne State and some of the SUNY's accept Canadians. It's not necessarily a hard and fast rule that state schools don't accept internationals but it's a good bet that a large majority of them do not. (In fact, they don't even accept a lot of out of staters.)

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Guest LaGriega

State schools receive public (state) funding, unlike private schools. Each state X has a "University of X," which is a state school and usually has a med school.


There will also be an "X State University" (confusing, I know), which is another state school. Some of these have med schools; they are often likely to have the agricultural school/vet college.


Each University of X, or X State University, can have multiple campuses e.g. the University of California has 13, I think, and then Cal State has another dozen. UC has four med schools, of which one will not take anyone from outside California. Texas is equally confusing.


In general, state schools are strongly constrained by receiving public funds, and almost none of them will take foreign applicants, for that reason. The U of Arizona, as an extreme, will not even consider non-Arizona applicants.


I go to a state school, but that's only possible because I have dual citizenship.


As a foreign applicant, your chances will be much better at private schools (which includes all the osteopathic schools).

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