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Late Withdrawal Vs. Cr/ncr


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Hello People of the Internet,


Hope exams are going well!


I have a bit of a dilemma that I would appreciate some help with.


This semester, I signed up for 5 courses, one of which didn't pane out as I'd hoped it would. I applied for late withdrawal (LWD) from the course and my registrar suggested I credit/no credit it instead. I'm not really sure which is the best option for me.


I know that a LWD doesn't look very good on a transcript. That being said, I've never had an LWD before and this would be my first and only one. On top of that, I do plan on taking 6 courses next semester to make up for the one I dropped this semester, so I'm hoping it won't look completely horrible.


On the other hand, I'm aware that the advantage of CR/NCR is that I'll still technically have a full course load this semester so will not have to load up on courses next semester. That being said, I believe UofT will drop a CR/NCR course from your transcript and I'd really rather have UofT drop one of my other courses instead. On top of that, I believe that Western doesn't count CR/NCR courses as part of your course load so I would have to take 6 courses next semester regardless (though I'm not sure about this one).


I guess what I'm wondering is if I choose to LWD and opt for 6 courses next term (thereby keeping a full course load for the year), will UofT disregard the LWD (and drop other courses instead)? Under these circumstances, do you think an LWD or a CR/NCR is a better option?


Thank you!





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Hey Falling,


Thank you for replying!


Yes it would probably be a B but unfortunately, I have other courses that I need dropped so I can't afford one this year. 


For OMSAS the question is whether the course counts towards your average at the home school. If not for many schools it is pretty much invisible.


Why are they suggesting the difference? What advantage is there to you they are trying to give?


Personally I would probably just drop the silly thing, and like you make it up in some fashion in the next term. That way I could retake it if I wanted to later without issues, and I don't use up any courses for TO's wGPA.

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