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Advice On Studying For Chem 301 [Athabasca U]


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I am currently enrolled in CHEM 301 at Athabasca U (a distance education university) and am looking to find some advice on how to approach this course. Since this course does not have a lecture component and is completely dependent on the provided textbook, I was hoping past students could give me insight into effectively studying the material. All of my previous coursework in engineering and other med school prerequisites were completed in-class with emphasis on lectures and corresponding notes - an easier method in developing an effective study plan.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the response. So for your other science courses, did you complete all of the recommended reading? After completing the first couple units, I'm finding that the textbook provides a lot of irrelevant information. I'm finding myself bogged down in this additional detail and I feel like I'm missing the main points.


Focus on the learning objectives they give you in the study guide specifically. If you do the assigned problems and use the study guide diligently, you'll do very well on the exams and assignments.

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I am currently taking this course and was wondering if any of you could give me some advice on the best way to go through the material. So far I have been making notes off the textbook readings but this is taking a lot of time and I need to finish the course more quickly. Should I just read the readings and then only make notes on the objectives? Will I only be tested on the objectives and is all other material thus irrelevant? What did you find was the best way to complete the course?



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Do not take notes from the text book. There is way too much information. Study off the Study Guide and the notes from the lecture. Use the textbook as a source of clarification. 

I finished the course in about 5 weeks. 

P.S the Instructor, TA and administrative staff from Athabasca are great. Marked efficiently and excellent with communicating with you regarding any questions/issues you may have. I had a final grade about 2 weeks after I finished writing the final exam (took more than a week for my exam to get from the Eastern Canada to Athabasca U).

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Study the study guide, I never once opened the textbook. For assignments I looked at the study guide and used the index of the textbook if I absolutely couldn't find answers from a quick wikipedia search.


Same experience as dumbledore, excellent turnarounds. By the time I took the final, I only needed to pass(you must pass all parts of the course to pass the course, regardless if you dont mathematically need a pass to have a overall pass), so my motivation was low and I coasted.


Very doable class to get an A/A+ in. The assignments, there should be no reason to not get over 90 on them if you take a day or two to go through it and fully complete answers.

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