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Interview Weight In Smaller Programs


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It really varies from program to program, even within a specialty.


Some programs will have a pre-interview ranking score and then use the interview to basically rule out the red flags, ie. not rank these individuals at all. I haven't yet been involved with CaRMS selection committee before, but from what I've heard (speaking with other more senior residents and PDs), the interview really doesn't bump people up or down much. Programs more or less have an "idea" of who they want (and hope these individuals rank their program number one or high at least). There is the odd time when someone comes in with a weaker application, e.g. discovered the specialty late, and then they really sell themselves well at the interview. That will then really will help bump that person up a few spots on the rank order list.


However, other programs will start everyone on the same page, with the interview worth 100%.

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