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Ap Courses: How To Report On Orpas

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Hello Internet Friends!


I'm hoping that some of you can help me out here because I've been trying to contact Queen's for the past 1-2 MONTHS with a question and I haven't heard back at all! 


In regards to prerequisites, I took an AP intro psychology course in high school. Although I haven't taken an intro psych course in university (because I already have the AP credits I wasn't allowed), I've taken many other psychology courses (social, behavioural, human sexuality, etc.). How should I report my intro psychology prerequisite on the ORPAS site? I'm getting kind of nervous as the deadline is coming up and still haven't received an answer.


If anyone could help me I'd be extremely grateful! I have sent Queen's multiple emails, tried calling them numerous times, left a message... No reply. I've contacted other schools with different questions and Queen's is the only school that I have not heard anything from.

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