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I'm currently a fourth year in neuroscience at DAL. I'm not sure if I should do a 5th year and try to apply to grad school or graduate this year and start a degree in nursing or health promotions before applying to Dal med.


I know I will have to work harder and that even having the grades might not get me in, but I'm willing to try.


Here are my stats:


 Grades based on OMSAS:


1st Year: 3.8

2nd Year: 3.58

3rd Year: 2.56 (failed  course)


I plan on writing the 2015 MCAT.


ECs: 2 years of hospital volunteering, 1 year volunteer tutor, work during the year, leadership positions worked at camps.


Here are my questions:


1. If I do a second undergrad degree does Dal look at grades from the first one?

2.  I have taken quite a few classes in health promotions, so assuming I finish my second degree in two years. Will I be able to apply after the first year of the degree or will I have to wait until I graduate from that degree considering Dal looks at the last 2 years (assuming they only look at my second degree).

3. Am I lacking ECs? If so what specifically and what do you recommend?

4. Has anyone ever been accepted with a second UG degree?



Sorry for the long post.


Any guidance will be appreciated.

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