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Part-Time Job Options That's Not 2Pm-9Pm?


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Any suggestions (except Timmy's)?


P.S. How hard is it to find a job position in a hospital? Not those that need liceces but something like a graveyard shift for a casual position?

I think that it is really difficult to get an unskilled job in a hospital. They tend to pay about $20 an hour and they are unionized, and most of them don't require education or training. Some positions require or prefer PSWs, but most don't. The kind of jobs I am referring to would be things like cleaners, pharmacy messengers, porters, cafeteria workers, etc.


It's too bad because these jobs would be amazing experience, some of them come with a lot of patient contact. However, people line up around the block for these types of jobs (no education or training required but nearly double the minimum wage plus benefits plus the stability and protection that a union provides). I have a hunch that who you know matters. Also, they probably prefer people looking to this as permanent work.


You can usually find postings on Indeed for these, no harm in trying. You might have better luck getting an admin or reception position at a private clinic. If you were willing to work for minimum wage physicians might be willing to give you a casual position to supplement their regular staff or cover vacations/parental leave/sickness. If you can't work 2-9 I would try a walk in clinic that's open long hours? Probably the bigger the better as well.


Timmy's is good experience too though!

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