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Anxiety With Waiting

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In my opinion, it's a bit dangerous to see it that way. Try to avoid making your pursuit too personal; you'll just suffer a whole lot more if you do. Don't make it about you, or what you CAN and CAN'T

To those who didn't get an invite (or were wait listed) hugs to you!    No email yet for me either, but I couldn't stand it anymore and checked Minerva. So so so happy, relieved and thrilled I did:

I've been rejected by McGill twice now after two application cycles, post-interview. I totally get the emotional investment bit, it took me a loooonnnnngggg while to over my last one.   Yet, as Flo

anyone freaking out right now? Rejection notices sent over minerva already. I don't want to check until i hear some good news from people

Not really freaking out. You don't have control over acceptance/rejection. I read the thread with people's stats and was surprised that potentially good candidates did not get an offer.

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Guys, it's manually updated. Don't check at midnight, it's useless. Start checking tomorrow from 9 AM or so. They will update them till the end of the day.

Good luck to you all.

Agreed, last year others were hearing acceptances and rejections still at this time (9AM on the morning of the day we were supposed to find out), my minerva still said nothing, so I went about my day and next time I checked minerva was about 4pm and I had an interview invite. The minerva email only came out later that evening I think. Good Luck Everyone!

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Can anyone confirm what "Reviewed - Decision Pending" means? I heard it meant Interview Waitlist, but I'm assuming the interview waitlist is almost never used?



Reviewed - Decision pending also!


I think it's waitlisted for interview


Yes it means you are waitlisted. And no, the waitlist is often used but you can get your interview later in the summer. I personally know 3 very successful doctors that got in after being waitlisted for 3-4 months. The hope is still alive, good luck. Congrats to everyone else. 

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