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thank you notes...to send or not to send?

Guest Madz25

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I remember this question being asked before...maybe in a Canadian forum. I tried using the search function but nothing came up.


Is it necessary to send thank you notes? Will it hurt my application if I don't?


If I do send one, should I send it to:

1) the school

2) the interviewers

3) the school and interviewers

4) the school and mention the interviewers in the note


Thanks in advance.



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This is a strange thing for Canadians, but yes! Definately send one. I only recently learned the importance of this. Not only thank you letters, but letters of intent. If you have a school in the US you'd pick over all others write them a letter saying this. In terms of who to send the letter to I've emailed thank you's to my interviewers and sent formal letters to the adcoms.


During my last interview my interviewer told me flat out that if I sent in a letter of intent I would be accepted. If not I'd be waitlisted.


Obviously this type of thing would never happen in Canada where it's seen as sleazy and butkissing - but in the US this is the way it works.

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Send away. As an interviewer, we're told that thank you notes we receive from applicants will go in their file. We ourselves tell the applicants to send in letters of interest if they are really interested in attending our school. Send them to your interviewers and the Dean of Admissions. It will help your application.

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