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US Course Requirements Question

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After checking out a lot of US schools it seems as though there are pretty much standard course requirements, 1 year Bio, Chem, O. Chem, Physics all with a lab. Also there is an English course required for a lot, varying with full or half year. Sometimes a Biochemistry is required or is able to be substitued for half of the O.Chem requirement.


I took engineering in undergrad and am now doing a masters in biophysics, so I'm only about 1/2 - 3/4 done the required courses. I have the chem and physics covered, and a half course in biochem too. However I need the bio w/lab and O.Chem w/lab. I can finish these requirements over the summer and over the next school year (2006-2007). However I want to apply this summer for entrance in 2007. I know Canadian schools will grant acceptance and let you finish the courses after acceptance? Does anyone know what typical US schools are like in this respect? Any advice or thoughts would be great!

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