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Pt/ot Accepted/waitlisted/rejected For 2015 Cycle

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This is my fourth year trying to get into PT. I have gone back to school to upgrade my marks, done additional volunteering in a PT clinic and had to retake a few prerequisite courses. I applied to Wes

I honestly can't believe I'm reading this kind of comment on here hahah. This just reinforces my belief that all Ot schools should include interviews in their admissions process. Pretty confident empa

You changed your name lol.  I remember you on this forum submitting a thousand posts the past couple years as I checked out this forum out of curiosity during my undergrad. Back then you were all fluf

I am trying to decide between Queens and Dal for OT! Does anyone know the class size for Queens OT? And how hard it is to get placements out of province or internationally? thanks!

I believe class size is about 70 students and international placements are offered for the last semester but your grades must be over approximately 80% and you need to have references from faculty and maybe placements. I got this information from a student at Queens who just finished her first year.

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Applied: McMaster, U of T, Queen's & UBC (all OT)

Accepted: UofT!

Waitlisted: McMaster (#39)

Rejected: UBC, Queen's

subGPA: 3.68 (3.73 for UofT)

cGPA: 3.4

Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references:

ECs: Experience with a variety of mental health (Autism, psychosis, FAS, Dementia, learning developmental delays) with different populations (youth, young adults, elderly), demonstrated interest in OT for the past four years through direct work with an OT over several summers, integrated summer camp for children with disabilities that required accommodations, teaching special needs students (I have my B.Ed), experience planning mental health and anti-stigma workshops, experience making assessments/referrals in a couple jobs.

Essays: Unsure. I tried to back up every quality that I think would benefit the profession (and why) with an example from my extracurriculars.

References: One from the manager of the place I've worked for the past four years. Another from a prof who's class I did well in. I didn't see either.


Will be accepting: Toronto! It was always my first choice. I've wanted this for several years, so it's pretty emotional. Best of luck to everyone still on the list! I'm crossing my fingers for you.

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Just called as well, they have already sent out the acceptance offers which people have until Wednesday to decide. Check your uapply, if your application says submitted still than I believe it means you are on a wait list, otherwise she said it would say declined (that is what I understood anyway). 


I have been wait listed apparently!  :mellow: still trying to keep hopeful! 

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I have been waiting so long to make this post!!!


Applied: Queen's, UofT OT

Accepted: Queen's! (Off the waitlist)


Rejected: UofT


I was waitlisted at Queen's and was notified of my acceptance into the program today at 2:30pm!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly had no hopes this year but I guess my experiences and great references must have made up for my low gpa! I am super excited to start in September!


Best of luck to everyone that is on the waitlist!

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