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Interview Invites 2015

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Hi All!


Figured I'd take it upon myself to start this up this year.  This thread is for STATS only - we can fire up a discussion thread somewhere else.



Interview: Yes or No
GPA: OMSAS 4.0 scale
Context: (What is your rural or Northern Ontario connection?)
ECs: (Summation of your extracurricular activities)
# of previous applications:

Interview Location/Date/Time:




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So it seems some notifications have been sent out.


Interview: No

GPA: 3.4

Context: (What is your rural or Northern Ontario connection?) From rural Newfoundland (pop. 40 people)  and practiced as a registered nurse in a nearby city from where I grew up (pop. 5000) for 5 years (emergency). Moved to remote Nunavut in 2013 which is where I am a supervisor of a nursing clinic. Pop 700. Fly in community. Advanced scope of practice involving deliveries, advanced life support, pre-post natal care, chronic disease, public health, etc. Role is very similar to NP, but perhaps with an even more advanced scope. No physician, so I act as the sole source for medical concerns, both acute, emergent, chronic, and preventative.

ECs: (Summation of your extracurricular activities). Extensive. Do a yearly trip to Africa with a medical team, and most recently acted as the medical team lead. Involvement in several professional committes such as disciplinary panels/boards, registration committees, ethics committees. Have also volunteered in Paraguay, Belize, and Mexico in a medical capacity. I had 30+ EC entries on my application. Was also the owner of a small business while living in rural NL.

# of previous applications: 1


Interview Location/Date/Time: N/A (sigh)


Degrees: Bachelor of Nursing (3.7 GPA) and Masters Degree in Nursing (3.8 GPA). 2 poor grades during my first year of university prior to entering faculty.


Age: 28


Extremely disappointment to not receive an interview. Feel like my rural/remote connection is strong, strong grades (except for 2 or 3 courses), and extensive volunteer involvement highlighting social accountability. I realize I'm out of province which makes things more competitive, but come on... I think my dedication to rural medicine and health care is pretty evident!!!

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Timestamp: 8:37 am

Interview: Yes!
GPA: 3.75 OMSAS + 0.2 (MA) = 3.95
Context: Live in New Liskeard and spent most of my adult life in Northern Ontario, grew up in a rural southern ontario community of 5,000
ECs: Physician shadowing/ volunteering: preventative medicine projects, community kitchen, aboriginal community health, lots of travel, varied work experience, organic farming, wilderness first aid, outdoorsy things.
Non-trad?: Totes. 32, Masters in History.
# of previous applications: 2, interviewed & ranked waitlisted both times

Interview Location/Date/Time:  Sudbury, 10 am Saturday March 28th


Good luck to all! 



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Interview: No :(

GPA-3.8 + 0.2 (MA)=4.0

Context: Born/lived in Thunder Bay my whole life.

EC's: Little volunteer experience. +++ health related work experience (currently work full time as a Nurse Practitioner, past experience includes working in remote northern communities, as well as in the ER.

Non Trad: Nurse Practitioner Certificate, Masters in Public Health, BA Psychology, Nursing Degree.

#of previous applications : none


Not sure where I went wrong in this process…..


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Timestamp: 9:42 am

Interview: Yes!

GPA: 3.8

Context: grew up in a rural, isolated community in northern Yukon of 1200 people.

ECs: multiple international medical volunteer trips to Africa and central America, experience working in my home community as an RN, currently working in paediatric intensive care as a registered nurse. French exchange program in high school for a year, sports stuff, community involvement in both urban and rural settings.

Non-trad?: Yes. 29, BA sociology min. anthropology, Bsc nursing

# of previous applications: 2 (interviewed and wait listed last year)

Interview Location/Date/Time: Thunder Bay, 10 am Sunday March 8th

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Timestamp: 10:50 am

Interview: No

GPA: 3.00

Context: Currently live in Thunder Bay. Lived in Northern Ontario, for 3-4 years (during most of undegrad). Born and raised in Southern Ontario.

ECs: Lots of ECs, possibly too many (trouble juggling ECs with GPA). 

Non-trad?: Traditional applicant.

# of previous applications: 1 application including this 1.

Note: I thought my world would crumble when receiving this notification, but hang in there if you don't get in. There's always next year or the year after that. I recommend taking this time to reassess your life and if not being a doctor is not an option, plan for medicine in anything you consider. Best of luck to everyone and congratulations to those invited!

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Timestamp: 8:50 am

Interview: Yes!
GPA: OMSAS 4.0 scale: 3.61 (B.A Psyc) + (0.20 boost from Masters in Cog. Sci)= 3.81
Context:  Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie. Completed my undergrad there as well. 
ECs: Worked in variety of health settings: walk in, NP office, family doctor's office, mental health hospital. Volunteered 3 years at hospital. First aid instructor. Currently in Compressed RN program. 
Non-trad?: Non-trad
# of previous applications: 4!! (This is my 5th application! haha I will not give up! interviewed all 4 times. Ranked waitlist for first time last year-made it to #9 on the waitlist- so close yet so far)

Interview Location/Date/Time Sat March 28 @1


Good luck to everyone! 

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Timestamp: 8:40 am EST

Interview: Yes 
GPA: 3.79 - Currently completing MSc(PT)
Context: Born and raised in a rural, remote Northwestern Ontario mining community >5000 people
ECs: Campus EMS during undergrad, coaching various sports in my community, in-plant first aid instructor at my old job, substitute teacher EA in my community, volunteered at a med clinic in Nicaragua, 
Non-trad?: Defs non-trad. 27 and in physio school
# of previous applications: 3. Rejected post-interview all three times. Was #26 on the wait-list in 2013 when it moved up to #19, then didn't make the wait-list last year. That one stung. 

Interview Location/Date/Time: Sudbury. March 28th at 10:00 am.

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Timestamp: 9:21 AM

Interview: Yes!

GPA: 3.51 - Currently completing BSc in Chemistry

Context: Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Francophone applicant

ECs: 3 years in ER, Day Surgery at Hospital, all undergrad years (3.5 years) tutored/lead several programs at Learning Disabilities Association, chemistry research project

Non-trad? No

# previous applications: 0

Interview Location/Date/Time: Thunder Bay, Sat. March 7th at 10am

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As much as this pains me to post,

Timestamp: 6:54 AM Jan 20th

Interview: Regrets
GPA: 3.88
Context:  I've lived about half my life in a Southern/Interior BC rural town of <7000, the other half (and younger years) are non-rural.
ECs: 4000+ of hours of employment: healthcare settings as a care aide or student nurse, undergraduate research assistant, and various other jobs. Many of the jobs were long term. 3000+ hours volunteering with the Ministry of Children and Family Development helping foster children and youth with addictions. Volunteering with Crohns and Colitis Canada Lot's of short term volunteering in blood pressure clinics, tutoring, etc. Many awards/scholarships, one national award through Crohns and Colitis Canada. Recipient of an undergraduate research award and currently a co-primary investigator of an original research study, Presented findings at a conference, (no publications yet). And then other little things like recreational skier, a couple of running/obstacle races, baseball
Non-trad?: Definitely. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Former foster child. 23 years old.
# of previous applications: 0

I believe it was my context score that held me back. Good luck to everyone invited! I have a lot of respect for NOSM and it's mandate and am sure all of you will make wonderful physicians helping to aide in the crisis that under-serviced communities are facing in healthcare. I will cross my fingers for the rest of my applications.


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Timestamp: Jan 20th

Interview: Yes
GPA: 3.81 (with strong upward trend)
Context: from rural (pop:4200) town ALMOST in Northern Ontario (the next town down the highway is considered to be "Northern Ontario". I'm not sure if they considered me as NO or not)
ECs: research project on Metis, volunteered 3 years at aboriginal health centre, sorority for 4+ years (philanthropy committee, academic chair, social chair), lots of employment (government job and waitressing throughout school), lots of other odds and ends, some scholarships, etc.
Non-trad? No
# of previous applications: 0

Interview Location/Date/Time: March 28th at 10 AM


Congrats to all!  :)

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Time stamp : 8:39 am Jan 20th

PA: 3.84 (with strong upward trend)

Context: French application from rural, well not really small city ( 46000) Cornwall Ontario, far eastern Ontario, if haves lived there my whole life, Spent  every summer in Sault Ste. Marie  Ontario ( which is in my essay) since my father family is from there).

ECs:  clinical placement at  aboriginal health centre and rural health unit and community health centres, sorority for 1+ years (philanthropy committee, academic chair, social chair), lots of employment (Bank of Nova Scotia, Varsity Athletic assistant, Busary Student) , President of the Student Association, of the Nursing Student of Ontario, Official Delegate of the Canadian Nursing Student of Ontario, Involvement in Italian- Canadian Sports Club and many community volunteer agencies. 
Non-trad? : Yes, I did bio medical studies at Ottawa U, left for financial reason, work in the bank sector for a few years and went back to our local community college to complete my bachelor of Nursing 
# of previous applications: 0

Interview Location/Date/Time: March 28th at 1:15 pm


To be honest I was very excited and then reading these posting, I almost feel like I shouldn't even go to the interview. To be honest considering that i come from a small town in eastern ontario, I feel I have no chance to get into NOSM, and feel I am getting my hopes up for nothing.  

This week have been the greatest up and downs of my life :( and I feel it's just going to get worst :(

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Timestamp: January 20th, 2015: 6:52 am (BC time, so 9:52 am in Ontario)

Interview: Yes
GPA: 3.85
Context: I grew up in a town of 10,000 in BC and have many ties to the community. I also have aboriginal heritage (although I did not apply as an aboriginal applicant because I am still waiting to get my status card). I talked in my application a lot about the challenges and benefits of living in small and rural communities and how I would adapt to life in a remote location. 
ECs: President of undergraduate honours society, vice president of undergraduate psychology honours society, research experience (paid and unpaid), team leader with Canadian Blood Service, coaching and sports, tutoring undergraduate students (paid and unpaid), and planning many events related to mental health and disease awareness. 
Non-trad?: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology rather than science.
# of previous applications: 0

Interview Location/Date/Time: Thunday Bay, March 7th, 1:15pm


Honestly, after seeing everybody else's context and extracurricular, I am very surprised to have received an interview. Best of luck everyone!

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Time Stamp: Jan 20, 2015, 8:42 a.m.

Result: Invite

GPA: 3.81 (strong upward trend)

Context: I am from Thunder Bay, only recently moved to Southern Ontario for a Master's program

ECs: above average. 20 yrs with Arthritis Society, 4 yrs as medical first responder, NSERC CGS-M, research, lots of sports, 

Non-Trad: 2nd year Master's? 23 yrs old.

# previous applications: 1, interviewed and waitlisted last time

Interview Location/Time: Sat March 7, 2015; 10:00 a.m.


congrats to everyone invited!

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Timestamp: Jan. 20, 8:50 am

Interview: Yes 
GPA: 3.97
Context: Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 
ECs: Lupus Ontario's Sault Walk for Lupus coordinator and support group facilitator, research, renal clinic volunteer, palliative care volunteer, medical shadowing, support person for an individual with a disability, conference co-organizer, multiple conference presentations across North America, teaching assistant and tutor, scholarships including SSHRC, etc.   
Non-trad?: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Psychology 
# of previous applications: 1 

Interview Location/Date/Time: Sudbury, March 29th at 10:00 am

Congratulations, everyone. Fingers crossed! 

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Timestamp: 10:16 am

Interview: Yes
GPA: 3.92
Context: Rural NO (<1,500)
ECs: Lots of volunteer hours with minor hockey (coaching, banquets, etc.), some work with Easter Seals, Blood donation, Animal rescue/rearing, and lots of other miscellaneous activities.
Non-trad?: Yup, 29. HBSc Mol. Bio, BA Phil, finishing MHI in June
# of previous applications: 1

Interview Location/Date/Time: a little late now but... TBay, 1:15 March 8 


Best of luck everyone, hopefully we'll be seeing each other in August!

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