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Almost Finishing My Second Degree. What Can I Do With These Stats?

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Hello everyone


I did my first degree and got an H. BSc. in Life Sciences. Unfortunately my GPA was around 2.50ish (so low that I didn't even bother to calculate). At that time I was unmotivated so I didn't care about school at all.


Now I am almost finishing my second degree (also in Ontario) and it is also going to be an H. BSc (majoring in psych and medical sciences). My cGPA this time is 3.99 so far and by the time I graduate it will be 3.98-3.99.


My biggest concern now is that I repeated like 6 half-term first year courses in my second degree that I already took in my first degree because my grades in those courses were B-'s, C's and D's. This leaves me with two handicaps: doing a second degree and having repeated the first year courses.


Do I have any shot at any of the med schools in Canada or the US despite my two handicaps? I would really appreciate any response.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.

I haven't written the MCAT yet because I've only recently considered med schools.

My second degree is going to be 3 years long and I took full course loads so by the time I graduate I'm going to have 15.0 credits (5.0/year).

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