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Tech Job Vs. Research Scholarship?

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Hey guys,


I'm a 2nd year looking to apply next cycle to many schools across the country. Definitely the 4 in Ontario (I'm IP), and potentially UBC/Calgary/Alberta.


I'm currently figuring out what I'll be doing this summer, and it looks like I'll either get a tech job down in SF for 4 months or get a research scholarship/job at my university. I have no prior research experience and very minimal work experience, and I was wondering which of those two you think would be more beneficial for my application considering my situation. I think I'd be equally excited to pursue either as they're both interesting opportunities, so I'd just like to hear your input. Thanks!

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are you leaning towards one or is it like dead 50/50? Is the tech job for a big company? I've heard the jobs at google etc are very good jobs and also hard to get.


People are always gonna tell you to do what you want, but if the tech job is for a company like google, that may be more impressive than or at the very least, more unique than the research job, for the purposes of an application.


But then again, this may be a good chance to see if research is for you, because it's not for everyone. But I suppose you could just get a part time lab position during the year to try it out.

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Unfortunately, it's not with a huge company like Google, but the companies are still pretty great. I'll probably end up working with either Mozilla or Fitbit. The jobs aren't 100% confirmed, but I think I have a good shot and the recruiters seemed interested.


The research position will be an NSERC USRA if I can get it, otherwise it'll just be a normal research job with a supervisor at my school. There are a couple other scholarships I applied for but they're all very similar to NSERC.


Of course, at this point nothing's been confirmed, but I think I'm competitive for both and I'd like to decide which would be the better option ahead of time.

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