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I also want to address the point of "lower file scores" receiving "last minute interviews." At Ottawa, when I applied, I didn't get an invite. I got an invite a couple weeks later when pple declined.

And this is why I am sometimes paranoid of sharing my information on here. Geez. To the poster who has those stats (6 VR), I am rooting for you. I hope you get in, I really do. Someone with those acco

Thanks for the positive feedback.  However, I am amazed by the negative feelings that some have.  I really hope I don't become their colleague or patient.   Please refer to the UofT admission website

The sarcasm here is completely unnecessary. Regardless of how many interviews someone has received, not hearing from your number one choice can definitely be disheartening! 


I agree, yet, have to think 90% of people on this forum would gladly trade places with someone who has 6 interviews.

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I don't really agree with this. For the last interview date a majority of my friends who applied got invites on the second round of invites for the March interviews :) Don't give up guys! There's really no way of knowing or making predictions at this point.

True, but I thought they did March 7th and 8th invites on 2 separate days with some overlap....maybe I misunderstood that?

But thanks for giving us hope :) really hoping another round of invites go out soon :) because the wait is killing me. Lol

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I wonder who would want to cancel the interview after waiting for so long. :rolleyes: The last interview date is in the middle of final exams. So it is a bit painful for OOPs.



I'm thinking invitations and rejections will go out again on Friday. Invitation emails yesterday said to RSVP by tomorrow so I'm guessing they're waiting to see if spots open up and then sending more emails Friday. Don't give up yet all! It isn't over till there's an email in your inbox!

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