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Queen's Invites/regrets 2015


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Please post only invites/regrets. Discussion will be here.
Any discussion in this thread will the ported over to the other one so please post only stats here!

It will make it easier for everyone if you guys follow this format as usual:

Result: Invite / Reject
Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD 

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TIME STAMP: Jan. 30, 2015 10:13 AM

Result: Invite 
wGPA: 3.98
MCAT: 12/11/13
ECs: TAing for two years, a few first author publications, co-author on a few journal articles and book chapters, powertlifting (competitive), volunteering at hospitals, years of tutoring experience, NSERC in molecular biology lab, science outreach volunteer, sports in high school, some musical performances (talent shows, etc.), a few scholarships from my school, 1 oral presentation
Year: 3rd year UG
Geography : IP

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After 3 rejections, it's SUCH A RELIEF to get an interview from Queen's!!


TIME STAMP: Jan 30 2015 at 10:18 AM

Result: Invite (waitlisted last year after interview)

wGPA: no idea, OMSAS about 3.8?

MCAT: 11/10/15

ECs: research-heavy, started a non-profit, physician shadowing

Year: 4th year UG

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Result: Invite
wGPA: 3.98
MCAT: 10/10/14 
ECs: Refereeing, Sports (some compeitive), 1 scolarship, some research (no pubs), Big brothers big sisters volunteering, 2 exec positions on clubs, camp counsellor at a Children's at Risk camp (some other mini things here and there)

Year: UG (4th year)


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TIME STAMP: 10:30 am
Result: Reject
wGPA: 3.94
MCAT: 10/10/10
ECs: Extensive. ED volunteer/leader, health quality improvement research, peer mentor, soccer referee, health magazine writer
Year: UG (4th year)


Ultimately, it was probably my MCAT which held me back, but I refuse to write it again. Good luck to everyone who received interviews.

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Time Stamp: Jan 30, 2015, 10:21 a.m.

Result: Invite

cGPA: 3.81

MCAT: 12/10/10

ECs: above average. 20 yrs with Arthritis Society, 4 yrs as medical first responder, NSERC CGS-M, research, lots of sports, 

Year: 2nd year Master's.


congrats to everyone invited!

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Time stamp: 11:01


GPA: 3.96

MCAT: 12/10/13

ECs: hospital/clinic volunteering, shadowing, tutored and taught music to little ones, 4 labs/1.5 years (no publications), played music a lot 

Year: 4th UG


My favourite line from the email: we received such a large number of applications from candidates with excellent academic and personal qualifications, such as yourself. 

It's like telling your girlfriend how amazing she is while informing her that you're leaving her for someone else LOL

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Result: Invite 
GPA: 3.78

two year GPA: 3.97
MCAT: 10/11/11
ECs: Hospital volunteer, Lab volunteer + paid research assistant, undergrad research project (presentations no pub), camp counsellor, high position in uni club, random other stuff
Year: 1 year out of undergrad

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