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Wgpa For Co-Op

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In my first year I went to McGill. I took 29 credits but anyone familiar with McGill's first year science program knows that this works out to be only 4 classes per semester (some classes worth 4 credits). Will this still qualify as a full course load? 


I since transferred to Mac and I am now in a co-op program which further complicates my situation. My second year was a full 30 units but this year I have a full fall semester (15 credits) and in winter+summer I am in co-op. This means that when I apply to UofT I will have technically only taken 2.5 full years of school.. I am concerned that I won't qualify for the wGPA because of this but maybe I will be able to ask for an exception? I have 2 B's from first year that are really starting to look like a black mark on my transcript and I would love for them to disappear. 

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