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Question Regarding Personal Statement

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Hello I'm considering US dental schools and getting my application ready.

For my undergrad, my GPA isn't that great compared to other applilcants and average DAT score

When you write a personal statement, should you be include about your GPA and why its not good, and also about the DAT score as well?



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I second what is written above.


I think there is an area in AADSAS for "special circumstances" - I think this is to explain poor grades or a year where you did poorly because of a real issue. Being lazy is not a real issue. Even still, focus on how you changed, and make sure you convince them that you've learned from that experience.

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Don't mention your GPA in the PS. If is a major issue I'm sure it will come up during the interview. If you still need someone to look over and edit your PS you should try Brian at gurufi.com I used his serive to edit one of my essay and it turned out better than I Imagined. The PS is a really important part of your application, having a professional to look at it gives you a peace of mind, plus his rates are very resonable. Anyways I have a few friends that are currently attending Dental school in the US, Please PM if you need advice on anyother part of the application.

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