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Washington University (St. Louis) Dean's Certification Form?

Guest ap0x

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Hi. To anyone who's had experience applying to this school. What's up with the Dean's Certification form?


I know someone who applied last year, had an interview, and he has no idea what this form is.


The website instructions says that they need the Dean of students from each school you have recieved, or expecting to receive degrees from to send in this form on your behalf.


Has anyone already done this?


Thank you




Wait, nevermind... friend just pointed out that you only have to do this if you were involved in disciplinary action...

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Guest miracle



Are you sure it only needs to be completed if you've been involved in disciplinary action?


I'm just completing my own right now, and it doesn't specify those conditions. I think that all applicants have to complete one...



If anybody else knows for sure, it'd be greatly appreciated:)

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